Bishop McCray needs your help!
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Hello Everyone!
This is Bishop Lenard McCray!  God has given me a wonderful vision to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Not only do I want to spread the preaching gospel, but also the gospel of love and support.  We need help at Jordan with not only our feeding ministry, but also with our Audio/Video Ministry so that we can supply DVD's and CD's to those who are sick, shut-in, and elderly!
You can help me by becoming a part of THE BISHOP'S ARMY! For your love gift of at least $55.00 per month we can help make a difference in someone's life.  For each person that donates a gift of $55.00 or more, we will send you each month a copy of our services that  month on one DVD! We will also provide a free copy of your DVD to the elder, the sick and shut-in beginning in the Jefferson-Chalmers District here in Detroit.  You can also designate someone to have 1 free copy sent to FREE OF CHARGE.  WE WILL ALSO HANDLE THE SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES!

We also plan to contribute 20% of our monthly donations to our bi-weekly feeding program to expand the program to feeding those in need EVERY WEEK.
But we need your help! Click on the donation button above and give!  Give to be a help to some less fortunate than yourself! Give to spread the gospel to those who need to be encouraged.  Your love gift is TAX DEDUCTABLE!! Please help me bring this vision to life!!
Yours in Christ,
Bishop Lenard McCray